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Product Name Cat No. Information e-catalog
  HybREAD480 M-3  Fully Automated REBA Processor & Analyzer 
  DX32 M-5  Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System


 Information of Devices



 HybREAD480® is designed for full automation of strip assay from sample preparation to test results.


▣ HybREAD480® Features

ㆍ Fully-automated precessor after PCR process
ㆍ Automatic sample dispensing by robotic pipettor
ㆍ Accurate analysis using CMOS camera
ㆍ Maximum of 48 samples
ㆍ Operating software with excellent ease of use
ㆍ Built-in UV lamp for prevention of contamination


▣ HybREAD480® Structure


 Technical Specifications
Test capacity Max. 48 sample
Dispensing accuracy (ADP) Less than or equal to 1.0 %
Detector type CMOS camera
Run time 2.5 hours
Dimension (L×W×H) 1100 × 650 × 750
Sample Dispenser Auto pipettor
Dispensing accuracy (pump) Less than or equal to 10 %
Temp. Control (Tray) Programmable multi-channel controller adjustable
Reagent 6 reagents
Weight 140 kg


▣ Applicable Reagent kit.
  ㆍREBA Myco-ID




YD DX32 is a compact and reliable automated extraction platform in nucleic acid purification, based on the Magnetic Pillar technology, enabling successful delivery of extraction results of high quality nucleic acids for up to 32 samples from varied sample types.

■ Kit Content
- Reagent Plate (Pre-filled/nonprefilled)
- Proteinase K (1.3 ml)
- Mixing Sleeves (8-Tip combs)

▣ Feature  

ㆍ Ready-To-Go Solution
     with prefilled 96 well plate cartridges and consumables

ㆍ Optimized Magnetic Pillar Technology
     Consistant and Reproducable purified Result

ㆍ Easy-To-Use User Interface
     multi-Language & intuitive UI
     with 7” Touchscreen-no external PC required

ㆍ Customizable Open System Platform
     Pre-filled Reagent plate and fully editable protocols

ㆍ Compact & light bench top instrument - fits in any laboratory

ㆍ Perfect Match of Magnetic Particle Separation


 Technical Specifications
 Extraction Method  Magnetic Beads Extraction Technology
 Extraction Steps  Sample binding, washing, elution
 Collection Efficiency  100 copies/mL, positive detecting rates > 95%
 Test capacity  Max. 32 samples
 TAT  Max. 40min
 Operating Temp.  10-40ºC
 Heat block Temp.  Up to 80ºC
 Operating Relative Humidity  30 - 80%, no condensation
 Dimension(W×L×H)  400mm × 420mm × 440mm
 Decontamination  Built-in UV light


 Ordering Information
Extraction kits Cat No.
64T/box 960T/box
 DX32 Viral DNA & RNA Extraction kit MDV64 MDV960
 DX32 Bacteria Genomic DNA Extraction kit MDB64 MDB960
Extraction kits Cat No.
64T/box 960T/box
 DX32 Whole blood Genomic DNA Extraction kit MDW64 MDW960
 DX32 Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction kit MDT64 MDT960