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EASYPREP® System is a liquid-based cytology specimen collection, preservation and automated slide preparation system that produces standardized thinlayer slides for cervical cytology specimens and other non-gynecologic cytology specimens.

  • High Cellularity
       - By adopting sedimentation and centrifuge method / No cell loss
  • Automation
       - Total walk-away system : the world first processor with a built-in centrifuge
  • Select Mode
       - Both GYN and Non-GYN tests are possible at the same time
       - Various options are available to smear specific samples
  • Customization
       - Easy adjustment of the parameter in accordance with laboratory requirement
  • Clarity
       - Proper separation of mucus, inflammation cell and supernatants
       - Cell shape and structure(morphology) are well maintained
       - Clinically significant cells are evenly distributed for an easier reading
  • Barcode module (option)
       - Preventing cross-contamination : EASYPREP system analyzes the barcodes on slides and sample(vial) for match.
    Ancillary Test
  • HPV test

    1. Cytological Evaluation and REBA HPV-ID HPV testing of Newly Developed Liquid-Based Cytology, EASYPREP : Comparison with  SurePath.  
        The Korean Journal of Pathology 2013; 47: 265-274.  Lee YS, Gong GY, Sohn JH, Ryu KS, Lee JH, Khang SK, Cho KJ, Kim YM, Kang CS.,

    2.Comparison of EASYPREP and SurePath in Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration.
        Diagnostic Cytopathology, Vol.44, No 4. Yosep Chong, Ki Hyun Baek, Jee Young Kim, Tea-Jung Kim, Eun Jung Lee, and Chang Suk Kang.

    Technical Specifications
    Operation Full Automation
    Principle Sedimentation
    Circle of smear 15mm
    Certifications KFDA, CE
    Dimension 1300mm(W) × 800mm(D) × 1450mm(H)
    Weight 450Kg
    Quickness 56T/H
    Ancillary test Possible
    Product line.
    Item. Item. No. Package
    Preservative Solution GYN GY01 12ml × 16ea / box
    NonGYN NGY01 12ml × 16ea / box
    Reagent Gradient density reagent EZ02 1,000ml
    Suspension buffer EZ03 1,000ml
    Fixative solution EZ04 1,000ml
    Rinse solution EZ05 1,000ml
    Consumables Coated slide glass EZ06 64ea / box
    Slide chamber EZ07 64ea / pack
    5ml Tip EZ09 200ea × 2 pack / box
    Centrifuge tube EZ10 200ea/box
    Vial plug EZ12 64ea / pack
    Brush EZ16 1ea / pack
    EZ11 10ea / pack